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LinkedIn in my opinion is overlooked by many businesses, even me. I did not really use the power of LinkedIn as I thought… I don’t even know why I didn’t, just silly to be honest.

Anyhow, LinkedIn is very powerful and boasts of being the strongest network on the planet, if you want to reach the key decision makers, you must be on LinkedIn.

Here’s 16 reasons why LinkedIn will boost your revenues by more than 100% or more.

1.  467 Million LinkedIn users (LinkedIn)


467 million users. These users are professional people, either company owners, ceos, key decision makers and influencers. To have access to this kind of network for any business is very powerful. You now need to figure out a way to reach them and your business will never suffer from lack of clients.


2. 106 Million active monthly users (LinkedIn)


Of the 467 million, 106 million are active users of LinkedIn on a monthly basis. Which means to reach the professional b2b audience that your business needs has never been easier, and more accessible than any other median.

Now you need to devise a content strategy, produce content relevant to the pain of your audience and promote your content accordingly, then watch the magic happen.


3. 1.5 Million LinkedIn Groups (LinkedIn)


You will find a group related to every niche possible, but even better than that you will find groups related to pain points that your customer is facing, for e.g. if your product and service resolves first aid training related issues, you will find a group for that.

So there are many groups, and to target your customers is not as hard as it was in the past.

4. LinkedIn is currently available in 24 Languages (LinkedIn)


LinkedIn being available in 24 languages demonstrates a clear statement of growth and progression. They are willing to make their platform available in 24 languages and intend to grow, only 5076 languages left to do. (Roughly 6000 languages in the world).

5. 40% of users are active on LinkedIn daily (LinkedIn)


Nowadays to get clients for your business isn’t too hard, if you have got a good service and good model of customer acquisition. To find the leads to fuel your sales funnel is now as easy as turning on a tap.

You may be wondering, no its not. But listen to what I am saying again, if you have a good sales funnel, and customer acquisition plan (content marketing), then to fuel it, would be to promote content in the right places and you will get clients.


6. 2 New members on LinkedIn per second (LinkedIn)


Per Second!

That’s 120 per minute. LinkedIn will only grow and you need to make sure that you stamp your authority as a professional there before your competitors do.


7. LinkedIn reported user goal is 3 Billion (LinkedIn)


That’s nearly half the world population and most of the internet population. It’s a big goal


8. 3 Million users share content weekly (LinkedIn)

  1. 79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads (LinkedIn)
  2. 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms (LinkedIn)
  3. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content (LinkedIn)
  4. 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 in a year (LinkedIn)
  5. 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn (LinkedIn)
  6. The use of LinkedIn company pages grew from 24% to 57% (LinkedIn)
  7. 71% of professionals feel that LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content (LinkedIn)
  8. More than 130,000 posts are published weekly (socialdraft)

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About MKS

Mohammed Kamil Sheikh has many years of digital marketing experience and has successfully generated over £1 Million Revenue for his clients. He knows a thing or two about getting targeted traffic and converting them into sales. He is also a Mufti, holds a Masters Degree in Education (MEd), qualified Trainer and Assessor and a Chartered Manager (CMgr Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership). MKS is also very active in the Local Community helping and supporting Charities and dedicates two days a week to the development of charities and community projects.


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