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I’ve been online for quite a few years now and as one does, they begin to research the field. For many years, I was always in the misconception that content doesn’t hold any value and the key thing to work out was how to make money online.

Was I wrong?

Yes! And So Very Wrong!

But the good thing about being humans is that we learn from our mistakes and move forward.

Let’s get started:


  1. I wish I had understood that Content was Really King!!!

You see no matter what happens online or offline, content will always remain King. Why? Nobody in their right frame of mind goes to google, YouTube, Facebook or even watch TV to view ads. They go to find information, entertainment, education, social engagement, humour and emotional connection, this can only be provided through content.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed nowadays how adverts have changed from product displaying to storytelling, why? Because of the emotional connection.

Ads are dependent on an audience, and audiences yearn for content. Producing high quality content consistently will always remain King unless humans turns into SCI-FI Robot programmed to only respond to instructions.

Key Point: Content is a MUST!

  1. I wish I had understood that my content is aimed for People and not bots

As google evolves it becomes smarter with all its algorithms and it knows when you are aiming to please the bots or the searcher, and remember the searcher is googles customer, so they need to make sure they stay on top of things otherwise Yahoo!!!

Not only that, how likely are you to share robot generated content, will you visit the site again?

Will you hold the person or company as an authority?

The answer is obviously no, so why would your site or business be treated any different?

All these spinning software’s and tools, they don’t work. The only software you need is your brain and the one tool you need are your hands, you do not need anything else, so don’t waste time or money on it.

Key Point: Quality Content!


  1. I wish I had understood how to repurpose content

Your customers are everywhere, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.… maybe you don’t know it yet or you don’t have content to feed that channel, but your customers are there, you just need to actively provide valuable content.


Use the art of repurposing to build audiences across different channels. If you don’t know how I have written an explanation on how we do it for our sites and our lovely client sites.

Key Point: Repurpose Content


  1. I wish I had understood consistency is key to developing a long-term business

It can be really frustrating in the beginning, your producing content and nothing happens. Us as humans, we look for immediate satisfaction, which unfortunately in life is never the case. We want it now!!! Otherwise the strategy is useless, it’s all a big scam and its all the worlds fault.

Like anything we want to develop in life you must act daily for a planned period.

For e.g. You buy a workout programme, 6 packs in 60 days, you must do this for 60 days if you want to see the 6 packs. EVERYDAY!!! So, if you want to see 6 figures you must also do it EVERYDAY!!!

It’s the same with any part of your business and your content strategy is no different. I can guarantee two things when you start.

Firstly, that on the first day you will not achieve your end goal.

Secondly, when you do reach your end goal you will be happy about the first day and that you stayed committed to yourself and your dreams.

Key Point: Be consistent


  1. I wish I understood that I should start NOW!

It takes time to build an audience. It takes patience and persistence. The sooner you start the better it is. Look even if you are doing paid ads or other strategies, trust me when I say this you need to have a content strategy, and you need to work on it now! Times are changing, people are becoming ad blind and content hungry, feed them.

To summarise:

I wish I had:

  1. Understood that content will always be king
  2. Created quality unique content
  3. Repurposed Content
  4. Been Consistent
  5. Started Now!


About MKS

Mohammed Kamil Sheikh has many years of digital marketing experience and has successfully generated over £1 Million Revenue for his clients. He knows a thing or two about getting targeted traffic and converting them into sales. He is also a Mufti, holds a Masters Degree in Education (MEd), qualified Trainer and Assessor and a Chartered Manager (CMgr Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership). MKS is also very active in the Local Community helping and supporting Charities and dedicates two days a week to the development of charities and community projects.

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