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Firstly, you must understand that your customers are everywhere, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Pinterest and the list goes on. Producing content for all those platforms can be tough for e.g. YouTube and Instagram, two very different platforms and two very different formats of content.

Secondly, your potential customers all consume content in different ways, some like to read, some like to watch videos, some like to listen and some like to view key points on colourful infographics.

The question is, are you prepared to accommodate the needs of your clients?

The bottom line is the more platforms you are on and the more formats you can produce, the more audiences you will reach and attract. Yes, it’s not a good idea to be everywhere with everything at once but you must plan to be.

Why? Because that’s where you customers are.

Now comes the mammoth task of producing content in different formats. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds once you have got a system to it.

So, this is what we do at KingKongtent for ourselves and our lovely clients, you can model this in your business.

Ready? Let’s go…


  1. Create A Content Strategy

I don’t want to go into too much detail as I have covered it another post here, but as an overview, your strategy should consist of

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where are they hiding?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How can you solve them?

We use this template to plan our content strategy. Click to Download (No Opt-in)


  2. Keyword Research

This is where you identify keywords related to the pain points and solutions. For e.g.

Pain point = Don’t have time to do content production

Keywords = content production solutions, article writing service, create content fast

You will need to spend some time (30min to Hour) in finding those hidden gems. I cover how to do keyword research in this post, check it out if you need a simple guide.


  3. Create Headlines

Now you need to formulate catchy headlines, headlines that attract and invite people to click, read and share. We use this guide on creating headlines, it provides us with a simple way to come up with creative headlines that gets clicks. I explain the guide in this blogpost and how best to utilise it.

Also note, that don’t get too over hang with headlines as this will change while you are writing your post, just start with something from the guide, write your post and don’t be scared to change it.


  4. Script And Article Creation

Our fourth step is usually client approval but you are doing this for yourself so I should advise a second set of eyes just to discuss ideas. Anyhow, script creation for us is a small 200 to 300-word summary of a 1000-word article.

We use the script and repurpose it for other content formats. At the same time a 1000-word article is written. This is an easy process because, the keywords, the research, the headlines and the main points are all the same, one is a condensed version and one is an expanded version, so with a little more effort I now have two different written formats of content.


  5. Voice-Overs

This is where we convert the written format into audio format, both the script and article. It sounds crazy and tough but it’s not. I mean how long does it take to read out 1200 words?

Exactly, not that long.

We have professional voice-over artists to record them, hence why our process extends a little, as we have to communicate, review, edit etc.…

But when I use to do it myself, no more than 15 mins, from setting up to finish. And the best thing to do is get a handful of your posts and do them in one go, you will be able to get all your months’ worth of posts completed in one sitting.

So, at this point you have, 2 written formats of content and 2 audio recordings.


  6. Videos

There are many different video formats, whiteboard animations, presentations, PowerPoint style, demo videos and the list goes on. Obviously, you do what you need to, but for ourselves and our lovely clients we create high quality whiteboard animations. Again, we hire professional animators, but you can do it yourself. There are many video software’s out there that are drag and drop style.

The reason why clients to assign the task to us is, because we produce quality work consistently and they can rely on us to always provide a flow of content.

So, what we do is we use the script and the short voiceover and pass it over to our animators to convert into a wow type of animated video.

The article and long voiceover is used to create PowerPoint type of videos, we don’t do this as much as we should, maybe you can inspire us by showing some of your examples.

So, lets recap what we got so far, 2 written content pieces, 2 audios and 2 videos. Not finished yet my friend, next step…


  7. Infographics

The 200-word script is then converted into a shareable Instagram size info-graphic. Key points in a colourful format usually gets a lot of love. We haven’t explored in creating bigger info-graphics yet, you lead the way…

Creating graphics is easy, there are a lot of software’s out there that you can use drag and drop style.

Let’s count what we got now:

  1. 200-word Script
  2. 1000-word article
  3. 200-word Audio
  4. 1000-word Audio
  5. Short Video
  6. Long Video
  7. Infographic

All using the same keywords, the same research, the same headlines (sometimes I change it), but with a bit more effort you can reach different platforms as a result increasing your audience.

Yes, it can be time consuming in the beginning, but once you have got a systematic approach to it, it can be very rewarding and profitable. The whiteboard animation probably takes the longest, as you must sync the script and the voiceover, but the whiteboard video probably provides the most value, as it’s easy to consume and highly shareable.

You might be wondering what on earth will you do with all this content? I explain in detail here but as an overview:

Articles on Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Videos on Blog, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook

Graphics on Blog, Instagram, Facebook

Voiceovers on SoundCloud, iTunes etc.…

But you don’t want to post one after the other because that’s just weir. You can download the template we use to schedule the content so it doesn’t look like a repeat.

But remember all this is pointless if it’s not consistent, therefore I would recommend either hiring in house content team or hire an agency (maybe even Us J, the key is quality content consistently.


About MKS

Mohammed Kamil Sheikh has many years of digital marketing experience and has successfully generated over £1 Million Revenue for his clients. He knows a thing or two about getting targeted traffic and converting them into sales. He is also a Mufti, holds a Masters Degree in Education (MEd), qualified Trainer and Assessor and a Chartered Manager (CMgr Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership). MKS is also very active in the Local Community helping and supporting Charities and dedicates two days a week to the development of charities and community projects.

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