Hi, my name is … well its in the heading so its pretty obvious, don’t really know why I even started with that sentence, but anyhow…

I want to tell you a story about… (you’ll find out)…
Once upon a time far far away on a small island called United Kingdom, also known as UK, there was a man who was driving 100 mph (yes its illegal in the UK, but hey what can you do), in a small town called Luton. He was in pain, agony and pure distraught. He jumped every red light and didn’t give way to any pedestrians crossings on the road be it for humans or animals (no animals were harmed in the making of this, well so I was told).
He reached his destination, ran inside and screamed “help, help!”, like a wild goose running to save itself from being dinner for the sly fox.
People came running to his aid, understood what he needed and supported his pain until his pain turned to glory!
“Congratulations sir, your wife and newly born son are healthy and out of danger”
“All praise the Lord”
A hero was born, as his mother used to call him up until his mid twenties.
He went to school like any other child in a small village type of area called Lewsey Farm, yeah I know the name says it all. He was the only brown Asian kid in that God forsaken town, so it wasn’t easy with all the racial abuse, but God looked out for him and made him stronger, bit like Hercules, but without the muscles, swordsmanship, archmenship (is that a word), or horse riding abilities, now to think of it, nothing like Hercules, sounded good when I first said it.
When he hit 11, ready to go to the big school, his parents decided to send him to a boarding school. What!!! That privileged little beep. Calm down, this was not one of those boarding schools, this was an Islamic Boarding School, that was the Eton of Universities when it came to spirituality, respect and character, but absolutely zero when it came to secular studies, careers and professional development, like a school in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, bit like Jungle book, and Ballu was the teacher, and that panther dude.
After 8 years of studies, he graduated as an Islamic Scholar also known as a Mufti, well respected, highest level of character, respected anyone and everyone, a True Hero in the sense of the word (as his mum used to call him), but totally BROKE!
He didn’t want to lead prayers all his life as a job, but wanted to help and lead people out of moral, ethical, family and financial problems.
He tried, explaining to people what the problems were and how to solve them. No one listened, because “you don’t know how hard this professional life is, and how to raise a family blah blah blah (thats all he heard after that part)”.
So he went on a mission, to gain crediibilty and success in every aspect of life so that he could help others on. He needed credibility.
He got a masters in education, a MBA, other qualifications, got married, kids, money, successful businesses but got lost on the way…. He got distracted from his real mission and was lured in by materialistic desires.
So he went all rogue! Parties, cars, holidays (but all the wrong ways)
That’s when his mum called Him “ZERO”!
After 5 years of being lost in the desert and misguided by mirages, he bounced from one corner of the Earth to the other to look for something, which he didn’t really know where, infact even what he was looking for.
His wife was supportive and really good (and a true beauty in every sense mind you), supported him all the way, through all the pain and suffering he was going through.
Until one day he saw the light…. not that light, an actual light. He stared at it and wondered, that this light is only useful when its on, and has only a certain number of years before it dies permanently.
“That’s it! No more!” He gave up everything, all that was going well and that was wrong. (don’t really know what the light had to do with it)
He dedicated the next 7 years of his life to charitable causes, getting paid pennies for the skills and knowledge he acquired for all those years.
He committed to helping those more in need, guiding the future generations unconditionally for 7 years.
But… his children were getting bigger, he needed to find means to support them without compromising his mission and his identity.
He went online, fell in compromising his identity again, what a beep!
He made loads of money again, lost a lot, had the shiny object syndrome, but still gave his time to charity during the day and fought the crooks by night, bit like Batman, but without the masks, the cars, the billions of dollars and a cool butler.
He realised his mistakes, stuck to his identity (Batman if you are reading this I wouldn’t advise you to do that, Joker will know who you are, and we wouldn’t want that). He coupled his values, skills, knowledge, new technology and passion for growing businesses and helping others to bring 7 Figure revenues for multiple local clients.
His mum gave him a new title…
“The Hero that adds the Zeros”
Had to be that, right…
So now he spends his days helping many local charities, and grows businesses by night (it’ll probably night in some timezone). And now has launched his own coaching programme that he trains people for FREE! Yes For FREE! To give them the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge to make their break through.
If you haven’t guessed already this was the story of my next door neighbours son`s, cousin`s, brother in law`s, uncles wife’s, step brother….
No…. It was about me, come on guys…
— The End —
Hopefully not Yet 🙂
Moral of the story:
Be good, don’t be bad! (Duh!)
Keep your identity.
And if you need a Hero to add a Zero to your business, well shine that Batman light in the sky (or just email me, either way I’ll respond).

My Super Powers


I can manipulate my wife to make me a cheese sandwich at 2 am in the morning, so I guess that would make me good at selling, or what I like to say “closing”. And I have been doing that consistently for 10 years, and the best part is she loves making it. I would get really annoyed, if someone asked me. I don’t know but I must say some magical words (No, not I L**E you), like a systematic sandwich closing script that makes her feel happy to do it. Bless her. It goes something like this, “My love, how do I cut the cheese?” And then she loves teaching me how to do it. But then I don’t know why, I always forgot how to do it the next day, maybe it’s because I’m sitting on the couch reading a book (Yeah right!) or watching a movie.


I can get my 8 year old son and 9 year old daughter to do my video content creation so I don’t have to pay an outsourcer, that would make me a criminal I think, (child labour laws) and a VERY good coach. So I guess I can coach anyone to get whatever results they aim to get. (In this case what I aim to get Haha (Evil laugh))


I lock up all my competitors in the changing room before a competition so I definitely win! So I guess I am result oriented and don’t really compete but completely dominate, because I have to stand on all three podiums. (I don’t know why people were shouting cheater in the crowds, hey who cares, I got my medal. They made excuses, we were late, we were locked in the room, the key was broken, someday locked us in, excuses, excuses, excuses, sore losers).


I can plug a USB stick in a computer and look at a screen and wiggle a mouse for long periods of time. I can read and understand all the technical languages, html, java, php etc… as long as they are translated in to English without any technical Jargon. So that would make me a technical wizard, a genius. OK, OK, I can build beautiful WordPress sites, membership sites and funnels using optimise-press and Clickfunnels. (But promise not to tell my clients)


I used to get out of all sorts of trouble with my teachers and my dad, by telling them the most dramatic life threatening, world annihilating stories. So the professional word for that is copy writing, no I do not copy other peoples writing, I write copy (which doesn’t really make sense), but I do it anyway. I’m not good at it and still need to learn more, but my words somehow make people buy “beep”. Maybe its because they know I’m batman (or not)


I can use a map to plan a journey to a precise destination (maximum 10 miles, then I need a Satnav). That would make me a Mastermind (Hahaha), looking to take over the world as long as there is Satnav version of taking over the world. Or I’ll make one then take over the world hahah, flawless plan, first I need to hire Mark Zuckerburg to do the coding, for that I need money. Probably need to hire the suicide squad to do that. I can give them all 50% each. That works out! 50% for Deadshot, 50% for me, 50% for Quin, 50% for Joker. Done! We need weapons. Hmm… Aha. Iron Man! Yes! Can you see my planning skills are amazing. From thinking of a Satnav to teaming up with Sucide Squad, Iron Man and Mark and taking over the WORLD! So If I can make a strategy to take over the world, I am sure I’m called a Strategist. Yes! WO WO. And like my mum says, “I’m the hero that WILL add the zero”. No, not make it zero, add the zero, so if its 1 then add zero equals 10. You see! So if your business is at £100,000 then I will come and add a zero on the right hand side, like this £1,000,000, see not like this £0,100,000. Get it! Good NOW hire me or else your dead! Don’t be alarmed, this is not a threat. If your business doesn’t grow, it dies a slow painful death.

My Greatest Super Power

I have this crazy good ability to magically use my mystic ball (or computer what they call it nowadays) and make peoples problems disappear.

Let me explain…
I combine all my other superpowers and hover my hands over my secret letters (and my sidekick mouse boy helps me) and magically make money disappear from one place and make it appear in another.
The place where I make the money disappear from never complains, in fact is happy because I solve their problems and the place the money appears is obviously even more happy.
Sitting at home, I make money disappear from one place (the customers account) and make it appear in another place (My clients accounts) and bit in mine :

Ways To Contact Me!

1. Shine my logo “MKS” in the sky, make sure its only between the hours of 10pm to 3 am on every alternative day on the week, except Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday. And obviously Saturday and Sunday is Family Time (duh!) so don’t do it then, and on Thursdays I play football and Fridays is the night out with the lads (if my Mrs approves or the Lads actually show up). Other than that I am always available anytime. Ready and Prepared!
2. Or Just Email Me at kamilsheikh786@gmail.com