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Islamic Weekend Tuition Centre

Revenue Model: £40 registration and £50 per month

Customer Lifetime Value: £640 – Average 12 months Lifecycle many stay for much longer e.g. a 4 yr old child can be with the tuition centre till they are 14. But we will take the customer lifetime value as 12 months.


Results Achieved over 30 days:

$741.02 Ad spend

85 Leads

26 Students Enrolled

£16,640 Revenue over 12 months

£1040 Registration upfront and First Month Fee of £1300, so cash in hand immediately is £2340.

Plus 5 Bookings confirmed the following 2 weeks.



So let’s get into the details:

The Funnel


I tested two funnels

  1. Value Based
  2. Discount Funnel

Value Funnel

The purpose of the value funnel was to educate parents on the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when choosing an Islamic Weekend School for their Children.

For this I needed to make an ebook and video presentation (mini webinar type)



This is pictures of the ebook (And we got a lot of compliments from parents regarding the content and delivery of the ebook. I.e. Lead with Value)

You can view the ebook here and model after it! Thank me later 🙂

Ebook Cover

I created an Ebook cover on Youzign.com my personal designer, which is me designing personally using youzign because its my best friend when it comes to design. Ahhh… so sweet.

You can use canva.com which is free to use.


Video Presentation

Then based on the Ebook I created a Video presentation explaining the details.

So simple screen-o-matic video presentation explaining passionately the 3 biggest mistakes and how to solve them. i.e. pain points and providing solutions and then offering the tuition service.


Email Follow Up


As all the marketers say the close is in the follow up and how right they are.

So I wrote a 14 day email sequence, 7 emails every day for 7 days and 7 with a gap of 2 days.

The emails were mixed with, download here, case studies, testimonials, book now, free resources and stories.

You can download it here and model after it.


Setting Up

Now that I had made my digital assets, I needed to set it up to flow like water, slowly and steadily streaming through the river.

  1. Optin- Page

I created two optin pages to test different variations as good marketer would do. J



  1. Created two video presentation pages

The video presentation explained the ebook and gave an option to make a Free Trial Session Booking


Second Version

  1. Then created the application form page

The purpose of this page was to get commitment and make the parents fill the information to show how dedicated they are. Also, for them to share with family and friends.

Only made 1 page as a bad marketer would do 🙁

  1. Plugged in all the emails into getresponse


  1. Added a booking form to the relevant pages using schedule once


Discount Funnel

The purpose of the discount funnel was to get parents to book a free session, that’s it, no ebook, no presentation

  1. Optin Page (very Simple)

I did make two optin pages but the results of the other page were so bad that I deleted it and just ran this page. And you know what this was the second page I created, so the original one was a total flop. Can you see why I continuously tell people always to test two pages at least.


Zoomed Out View


  1. Booking Page

Very simple page


Running the Ads

Remember this people, many people stress sooooo much about Facebook ads and why it’s not converting and why it costs so much blah blah blah.

The ONLY way you will EVER get a positive ROI is based on 3 things

  1. Your Targeting (This starts from your ebook, your headline, your videos etc…)
  2. Your Message (Must resonate with your target audience)
  3. Your Follow Up (You must follow up with the correct mix of messages to the correct audience)

Facebook is like o.oo5% of the formula, ok maybe a bit more than that. If I were to use google AdWords, or twitter, or LinkedIn or classified ad or blog comments, it would result also in a positive ROI (as long as I keep testing), WHY? Because my message resonates with my audience that are continuously being followed up with a mix of powerful messages with a clear call to action.

Anyhow, you don’t want a lecture you want to see the actual stuff, right? So here it is!

I tested various ads (can’t remember how many)

But I think it was 2 videos that I created on PowToon (my other best friend for video designing), and two or three images of the school, with parents and children happy, learning and enjoying themselves.

The videos were a story of a parent who was frustrated and confused. He was looking for a solution but couldn’t find the answer etc… then the Call to action is book a Free Trial Session!

The Video Ad



I just targeted people within 5 miles radius of the tuition centre and people who liked Islamic pages and people. I think only 3 interests.

I had initially targeted both genders, but then realised dads don’t really care about their kids because they weren’t opting in at all. (Sorry dads, that’s what’s the stats say)

So, I changed it to only females.

That’s It guys for Facebook! Nothing complicated. No need to panic.

One thing I forgot to mention, I obviously placed the pixel codes on my pages.

So, let’s summarise what has happened so far.

  1. Setup our funnel (two funnels, ebook, video and emails)
  2. Ran Facebook ad traffic



The Results


Yes, it may seem very expensive $10.09 per lead, $7.31 per lead.

Do I care how much it costs?

NO! and neither should you.

I have learnt this from some of the top marketers out there. The discipline to understand and the patience to with stand the ad spend going out of your pocket without any immediate results.

For the first 3 days I did got no bookings or calls. But After that, well I’ll let you decide yourself.

Bottom line is, your funnel must convert that produces good ROI. Remember, this is a community project where profit is not intended. Imagine getting these results for a dentist where they are making £500 -£3000 per customer.

Let’s take a look at the email engagement:

This is the overall campaign stats

Lets look at the first email stats

This is crazy, people are going back into their emails and opening and clicking them again. Mind Blown!

Yes, yes, some people “but that’s not unique open rate”, so here’s the unique one, happy now,


Second Email not too bad as well. Try getting these results for non-local clients.

Then the engagement is based on the value I provide.

Oh yes, it’s all good getting leads but are they booking, some may ask.

Checkout the calendar. Ignore the weekday bookings, look at the weekend schedule, and by the way it’s only 11th October when I’m writing this so still got 3 weekends to go for this month.


So, to recap the results:


$741.02 Ad spend

85 Leads

26 Students Enrolled

£16,640 Revenue over 12 months

£1040 Registration upfront and First Month Fee of £1300, so cash in hand immediately is £2340.

Plus 5 Bookings confirmed the following 2 weeks.


All done by doing:

  1. Setting up a funnel that had a powerful message
  2. Placed the Ads targeting the correct people
  3. Followed Up with powerful emails.

How I can improve the results further

I am lazy when it comes to optimisation, if its generating me a positive ROI, I leave it, but I don’t want you to do that because you can squeeze every drop out of your ad spend.

This is how:

  1. Test multiple optin pages, just keep testing two then delete the looser and another and keep doing that cycle until you get a good conversion rate.
  2. Keep testing multiple FB ads, more images, more videos, different headlines, same message from a different angle etc.
  3. Add more interests. Keep the winning ads i.e. if their getting leads and duplicate it and target different interests.
  4. If the business can service further than 5 miles increase the radius.
  5. Increase daily budgets and reach more people
  6. Retarget the site visitors
  7. Create a lookalike audience

Again don’t’ stress about these things. Its simple 2 mini video tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to create a lookalike audience.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting this together.


Do you want to learn to do the same?

If you want to learn how you can also profit and build a digital consultancy, then I offer a completely FREE coaching programme. That’s right, not free ebook, or free webinar, or free mini course, but the whole coaching programme for FREE. But this is by application only as I don’t want to waste my time with tire kickers.

So, if you commit to me and more importantly to your success, I will be more than happy to serve you and guide you through your journey until you reach your destination, which for most people financially is $10k per month.


Do you want similar results for your tuition centre?

If you own a tuition centre and want me and my team to help you increase your student numbers and increase revenue overall, I’ll be glad to help and assist.

Warning: I am very picky who I work with. People who do not understand that this is a growth strategy and don’t have the mindset for growing, unfortunately we cannot accommodate your needs. If you are driven and passionate about growing your business, well so are we. Let’s do this!


About MKS

Mohammed Kamil Sheikh has many years of digital marketing experience and has successfully generated over £1 Million Revenue for his clients. He knows a thing or two about getting targeted traffic and converting them into sales. He is also a Mufti, holds a Masters Degree in Education (MEd), qualified Trainer and Assessor and a Chartered Manager (CMgr Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership). MKS is also very active in the Local Community helping and supporting Charities and dedicates two days a week to the development of charities and community projects.


  • Nishat Ansar says:

    Brother Thats so awesome Ma sha Allaah!
    Never ever heard of a weekend Islamic School designed or so well organised & earns so much in this short period.

    Im really interested in your free coaching programme..As im Alhamdulilaah a Online Quran Tutor(kids)..
    To be honest im not so qualified like you ..A simple housemaker,mother of 4 kids & Student of Quran since 10 years. Alhamdulilaah have done Quran Tajweed courses online.

    • MKS says:


      Jazak Allah for your feedback.
      Alhamdulillah we put alot of effort to get the school to this stage.

      You don’t have to be qualified, just committed, dedicated and ready to strive for greatness.
      You have done well Masha Allah, you are a house-maker, with a house nothing happens, don’t undervalue yourself.

      If you are interested in the coaching programme, just click the banner and follow the steps.

      Looking forward to speaking with you Insha Allah


  • Great case study brother! Fascinating to read.

    Wishing you endless success inshAllah!

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