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Grant Cardone is a very well-known industry leader in the Sales and Training space. You’ve probably seen him on social media with his crazy levels of energy. His business has grown year on year and it doesn’t seem like it is going to be stopping anytime soon. So, yes, he is definitely worth listening to.

The 10X rule


I don’t really know how many books he has written, I know he has a few more New York Times Bestsellers but this is the first one that I have read.

If I were to summarise the book in few sentences it would be, Think big (10x times) and Take big action (10x times).

I could not disagree with Mr Cardone.


I have been a face to face sales person for few years and still sell but through different modes and channels.

When I used to sell mobile phone contracts for CarPhonewarehouse I would see my colleagues always struggling. They always used to complain and moan about not achieving targets or making money. I used to give them advice but to be honest it went in one hole and out the other.

I kept doing my duty of motivating them and encouraging them, but you know what, I didn’t give a flying monkeys banana if they didn’t want to take action.

Me on the other hand, I used to go through customers like a kid in a toy store.

I would approach customers like flash, assess their needs like Iron Man does with his super technological assessment tracking running out of big words now. And then web them up like Spiderman in a contract, all at the speed of superman.

And my customers would love it, because it was no nonsense to the point, this is my problem, where’s the solution type talk.

And the best part was we had two floors in this particular store, Tottenham court road, I would seat one customer down stairs, assess, solve and tell them I am going to check stock and have another customer upstairs (sorry guys if you bought it from me like that, I was young L ) . But my speed was so quick that I could justify that I was getting the phone from the stockroom.

I would be like this consistently, day in day out. To all the people who thought I was “lucky” back then, that’s how I got my BMW convertible, my trips abroad, my Plasma TV (back then), private jet holidays, World cup tickets and more…. I WASN’T lucky you lazy ungrateful, jealous, moaners. (They weren’t all like that, we were all really tight, but there’s always a few bad apples right?)

Anyhow, this is not about me, it’s about the 10X rule. When I was reading through the 10X rule, I was really excited and intrigued that I was on to something, because if a great sales leader of our time is living it then, hey who are we to complain about not getting results

So let’s breakdown the contents of the book, I’m giving an overview and I would highly recommend you read the book in detail, that’s what will form your mind-set:

Chapter 1 and 2 explains what the 10x rule is and why it’s important.

I’ve just explained it, 10X the thinking, and 10x the action. If you send 5 emails a day to get clients, send 50 emails a day. If you cold call 10 numbers a day, call 100.

Why it’s important is obvious, in business it’s a numbers game, the more you call the more you’ll earn.


Chapter 3 defines what success is. To some it maybe money, some holiday, some six packs. Some loafing around till you hit mid-life crisis. Who knows?

Chapter 4: Success is your duty. Your responsibility and you are the only person who can fulfil this duty. If you don’t achieve it, you have failed yourself and neglected your family. You are your fault and you are your solution (I made that up, nice right, need to copyright it)

Chapter 5: There is no shortage of success. For all those people that think only a few people can be successful are wrong, success expands and breeds more success. When you achieve one point of success, then another will appear.

Chapter 6: Assume Control of Everything. You must control all the moving parts of your business and your life. When you change your mind-set from it’s the world fault to it’s my fault everything changes.

Chapter 7: Four degrees of action. Do nothing, retreat, take normal action and take massive action. You must be in the fourth category every time for every category of your life.

Chapter 8: Average is a failing formula. Being average will not let you live your dreams. Simple. Mr Cardone gives a beautiful example, that the average person reads one book per year, compared to top CEOS who read 60 books per year. Start reading people!

Chapter 9: 10X goals. If your goal is 100k per year, 10x it!

Chapter 10: Competition is for sissies. Go for total domination. If you’re going to put all that work in anyway then why compete, when you can dominate?

Chapter 11: Breaking out of the middle class. The worst class to be in. Do you remember how in school there were three sets, the weak students, the average and the top performing? Well the weak students needed more help, so they got it and were excused from all the mundane tasks. The top performers were too busy being stretched to achieve, so all the mundane, petty, little tasks were left to the average class i.e. middle class.

Chapter 12: Obsession isn’t a disease, it’s a gift. Being obsessed to the point that you will do whatever ethical and legal methods there are to get what you want, and why not?


Chapter 13: Go “All In” and Overcommit. You know how some companies have the policy “under promise and over deliver”, well Grant hates that. He says overcommit, and put pressure on yourself to over deliver, makes sense.

Chapter 14: Expand – Never Contract. This is one area where Grant admits that he made mistakes. He contracted the work out instead of expanding. Hmmm, possibly. I would humbly have to disagree on this point, because contracting is really an extension of your company, resulting in expansion. What do I know, he’s worth $100 million not me, so listen to him.


Chapter 15: Burn the place down. Not literally guys. Here he explains, that once you have sparked the fire and started adding fuel to it, don’t stop, and keep fuelling more and more until it comes down. i.e. keep the momentum going with 10x action on the 10x action, which is now too many 10x actions for me to count, but basically, keep working and work some more!

Chapter 16: Fear is the Great Indicator. Use fear to your advantage, fear will tell you what and when to do it. If you fear making a call to potential clients on Saturday, well, that’s exactly when you do it.


Chapter 17: The Myth of time management. There is no time management, just get s**** done! (Your thinking the bad word, naughty, I meant stuff, look at it properly its 5 letters.


Chapter 18: Criticism is a sign of success. People will notice you more and more when you are successful. And wherever there is people, there is criticism.

Chapter 19: Customer Satisfaction is the wrong target. I had to read this chapter a couple of times just to make sure I understood it. Mr Cardone says customer service is not the priority, customer acquisition is. Why? If you don’t have customers, who will you service? He explains it much better.


Chapter 20: Omnipresence. This attribute is usually connected with GOD, but to explain his point he uses the word omnipresence. Be everywhere! If your clients are looking for you, be there! If they are not looking for you, still be there! Be everywhere and anywhere! Make a big presence, websites, social media, YouTube, books etc…


Chapter 21: Excuses. Don’t make them, simple!

Chapter 22: Successful or Unsuccessful? Here Mr Cardone lists and explains the traits of the successful and unsuccessful.

Chapter 23: Getting started with 10x. A lovely story to finish off the book about how Grant forced his way to get a TV show and how you can get started with 10X today!

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